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Being around for over half a century, Sinfonicron has had dozens of classes of William and Mary students pass through the company. With our season occurring over winter break, Sinfonicron provides an opportunity for students with vastly different interests and studies to come together and share in a unique, tightly knit community. Our decades worth of alumni are peppered across countless industries and locations, and the company values those who helped build its legacy. 


Out of Sinfonicron have come many lifelong friendships, and even a handful of marriages. Knowing this, it is regrettable that the company does not have a more meaningful relationship with its robust alumni network. This oversight is something the company seeks to correct. 


Sinfonicron is currently attempting an outreach effort to reconnect with our alumni. We have plans to make an alumni network fitting of our long legacy at William and Mary. Alumni events, professional networking groups, newsletters, and many other exclusive opportunities are in the works.


Interested in joining our official network of Sinfonicron alumni? Fill out your information in the form bellow, and be on the lookout for more information. You can also reach out to us directly at Additionally, you can help us grow our network by sharing this information with any friends you may have from your time in the company. We appreciate you, and are excited to welcome you back. 

Join the Alumni Network

Thank You For Joining the Alumni Network!

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