Revised: February 25, 2018

Article I – Name of the Organization

  1. This organization will be known as the Sinfonicron Light Opera Company of the College of William & Mary, heretofore referred to as “Sinfonicron” or “the Company.”


Article II – Purpose

  1. This organization will produce a student-lead light opera (operetta) or musical theatre production at least once a year in Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall (PBK) at the beginning of the spring semester (typically late January).

  2. If PBK Memorial Hall is unavailable for the production, suitable alternative arrangements must be made in advance.

  3. There will be a rehearsal period held during winter break, prior to campus dormitories re-opening heretofore referred to as “camp.”


Article III – Membership

Section I – Primary Organizations

  1. The “Primary Organizations” of Sinfonicron shall be defined as: the two founding organizations, Delta Tau Omicron and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, along with Nu Kappa Epsilon Music Sorority and the Theatre Student Association.

  2. The Primary Organizations serve as financial partners of the Sinfonicron Light Opera Company.


Section II – Sinfonicron Liaisons

  1. A “Sinfonicron Liaison” shall be defined as: a member in good standing of a Primary Organization.

a. Ideally, a Sinfonicron Liaison has completed at least one season as a member of Sinfonicron.


Section III – The Council

  1. The governing body of this organization shall be known as the Sinfonicron Council.

  2. The Sinfonicron Council shall consist of fifteen (15) members:

a. Seven (7) members elected by the Company: Producer, Artistic Director, Vocal Director, Orchestral Director, Marketing and Outreach Director, Stage Manager, and Production Manager.

b. Eight (8) members elected by their respective organizations: the Presidents and Sinfonicron Liaisons of each Primary Organization.

i. The Presidents of the Primary Organizations sit on the council to see that the policies of the company reflect the ideals of their constituents, so long as those policy changes have the best interest of the company in mind.

ii. It is the responsibility of the Sinfonicron Liaisons to inform their constituent organizations about issues arising in the company.


Section IV– The Company

  1. The Company shall consist of the following groups of people: the Executive Board (see Article V), the Artistic Staff and Production Staff (see Article VI), and the cast, crew, and orchestra members.

  2. Any member of the William & Mary community may be considered for any position in the Company according to the procedure for membership outlined in the Bylaws.

  3. The Producer will have final approval of all Company personnel.

  4. All members of the company must be present for the entire duration of the production. Exceptions must be approved by the Producer and the applicable supervisor(s) in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Bylaws.


Article V – The Executive Board

  1. The Company shall elect seven (7) Executive Board Members: Producer, Artistic Director, Vocal Director, Orchestral Director, Marketing and Outreach Director, Stage Manager, and Production Manager.

  2. The terms and duties of the Executive Board Officers are defined in the Sinfonicron Light Opera Company Bylaws.


Article VI – Artistic and Production Staff

Section I - Artistic Staff

  1. The Artistic Staff shall consist of the Choreographer, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, and Sound Designer, as well as the following members from the Executive Board: the Artistic Director, Producer, Vocal Director, Orchestral Director, and Publicity Designer.

  2. The Artistic Staff will be appointed in accordance with the Bylaws.

  3. Any person appointed as a member of Artistic Staff can be removed at the Executive Board’s discretion.


Section II - Production Staff

  1. The Production Staff shall consist of the necessary positions required to produce the production.

  2. These may include but are not limited to: Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Properties Master, Scenic Charge, Master Electrician, 2nd Electrician, Costume Shop Manager, Audio Engineer, Live Mixer, Dramaturg, House Manager, and Company Manager.

  3. The Production Staff will be appointed in accordance with the Bylaws.

  4. Any person appointed as a member of Production Staff can be removed at the Executive Board’s discretion.


Section III: Assistants

  1. All Artistic Staff and Production Staff positions have the right to request assistants.

  2. In the event of a vacancy in position, Assistants shall serve in the interim.

  3. Assistants will be selected according to the procedure outlined in the Bylaws.

  4. Any person appointed as an assistant can be removed at the Executive Board’s discretion.


Article VI – Amendments

  1. Amendments must be proposed by a current Sinfonicron Council member through a general motion according to Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

    • a. Company members who are not a member of the Sinfonicron Council should direct  their concerns to the appropriate Council member.

  2. Amendments are to be ratified only by a consenting vote by two thirds of the Sinfonicron Council members, provided no two representatives from the same primary organization both dissent.

    • a. One member from each primary organization must be present in order to make amendments.

  3. If an amendment is proposed, a copy of the amendment shall be sent to the full company, and a Waiting Period of one (1) week will be imposed. If no company member raises objections, the amendment de facto passes.

  4. In the event that an objection is raised, the Sinfonicron Council will reconvene to address the objections, and a true majority (¾ vote) will override the objection. If the Council needs to reconvene to address a concern, the meeting may happen digitally.

  5. The Constitution should be made publicly available on the Sinfonicron website at least one week after revisions are completed.


Article VII - Non-Discrimination Clause

  1. The Sinfonicron Light Opera Company affirms its commitment to conducting it activities in accordance with W&M’s Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation. Membership in this organization shall be open to all without regard to irrelevant personal factors. Irrelevant personal factors include (without limitation) race or color, citizenship, national origin or ethnicity, ancestry, religion or creed, political affiliation or belief, age, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, marital status, pregnancy status, parental status, height, weight, military service, veteran status, caretaker status, or family medical or genetic information.


Article VIII - Compliance with University Policies

  1. Sinfonicron Light Opera Company will abide by all university policies including the Student Code of Conduct, the Campus Alcohol Policy, and requirements set by the Office of Student Leadership Development.

  2. Sinfonicron Light Opera Company agrees that it will not initiate, support, or encourage any events or situations that endanger the mental or physical health or safety of a student for any purpose including but not limited to initiation or admission into or affiliation with this group or organization.


Article IX - Ratification

            This constitution will take effect immediately upon its passage by a two-thirds majority of the Sinfonicron Council.


Adopted: March 13, 2018

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