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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

James Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Erik Wells


Erik Wells


Erik Wells is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies. He is excited to return to Sinfonicron this year as Producer after previously serving as an Assistant Producer and Scenic Designer for Camelot (2022). When he is not engaged in producorial tasks, you might find Erik performing improv and sketch comedy, writing and directing short films, or doing a third activity that’s less embarrassing than those two.



Julia Tucker


Tucker is a sophomore majoring in government and minoring in theatre. She was previously the sound designer for Sinfonicron and focuses mainly on sound and lights.


Ellie Madigan


Ellie is a sophomore double majoring in French and Economics. She is thrilled to return to the company as Stage Manager after working as ASM under Lauren Miller during the 2021 production of Camelot! In addition to Sinfonicron, Ellie is involved with Model United Nations, Shakespeare in the Dark, Tribal Fever, and the French Language House.



Emma Williams


Emma is a senior double majoring in Economics and Film & Media Studies. This is her first time working for Sinfonicron, and she is excited to join the company this year. Outside of Sinfonicron, Emma can be found shim-shammin with the Swing Dance Club and writing for the campus comedy newspaper, The Botetourt Squat. Emma enjoys coffee too much.



Leecy Silk


Leecy is a junior double majoring in neuroscience and music. Leecy has been involved in theater all her life and is excited to step back into it with her first Sinfonicron. Outside of Sinfonicron Leecy is the music director of Tribetones A Cappella (@tribetones_acappella) and the president of the Botetourt Chamber Singers (@botswm). She enjoys taking long walks on the beach and drinking coffee in her free time. 



Calder Sprinkle


Calder Sprinkle is a sophomore at the College, studying Music and English. He is incredibly excited to be returning to Sinfonicron after serving as the Assistant to the Director under Sumié Yotsukura and Avi Urbach during the 2022 season. Outside of Sinfonicron, his is a member of Canterbury, plays in the Wind Ensemble and Pep Band, acts with Shakespeare in the Dark, and cracks too many terrible jokes.


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Avi Urbach


Avi is a senior at the College studying physics and computer science. He is eager to be directing for his fourth and final year of Sinfonicron and he is thrilled to help lead the company in our first fully staged Gilbert and Sullivan production since the start of the pandemic. Outside of Sinfonicron, he participates in Shakespeare in the Dark and is the Business Manager for Alpha Psi Omega. In his free time, he overthinks everything and plays chess, although he enjoys neither of these activities.


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